Stan (crotalus_atrox) wrote in 5ideways,


Comic has updated with one page.

Thanks as always to Buhfly.
There are about four more pages of this interlude left. Woo?
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AH! Awesomeness. I love how his facial expressions change from determined to scared (scared!) to crazy angry. (Scared is cool because, honestly, I never thought I'd see him look afraid.)
What's "thmp"?
Hit the flat of your palm against something; that is thmp.*

*Unless you are hitting skin, in which case the sound may be more of a "spank."
Man, we're getting a lot of dramatic eye shots in this interlude. I wonder what it could mean? *ponders* that Leslie in the barrel? If so, poor Leslie! No wonder he drinks so much.
Woo and Hoo! D