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Hello, 5idewinders!

We have a one-page update, just the cover page, but I hope you like it anyway. The red's less realistic and more dramatic, if only because I like how it makes the image look almost wounded.

Yeah, I needed a break this week, folks. :)
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Deleted comment

Well, I'd say that's awfully smart of you.
It's sad because he is indeed so interesting and nice-seeming... but Nic has his experience to tell him otherwise about "monsters" so i don't know what to think. 's hard not to trust the barkeep who takes care of children and has over 1000 smiles!

He does eat those children, though.


9 years ago

Yeah, smiles just hide teeth, and he has a thousand of them.
Thousand smiles = LOTS of teeth. Especially axolotl smiles.
Those mouths have more layers of teeth than I was expecting.

...that's what I managed to think before I went "Oh god holes in a guy, holes in a guy, holes in a guy" and had to look away.

I'm scared =(
:D Why, thank you.
Oh God. That scared me good.
D'aw, you're just saying that to be sweet. :3
well i'm creeped out now.... and just when i was getting used to the mouths, too. eeeek.
:3 Why, thank you.
I still love it.
Thank you. :D
AXOLOTL!!!! ohhh this is a gorgeous cover page indeed. Very wounded indeed, and the mouths... the mouths are stunning, as is the main grimace.

Take your break, Sandrita, you deserve it! *hugs*

Thank you. :D

Aw. *hugs back!* Yeah, I have a project I need to finish up. :|, in fact. While I'm instead answering comments.


Um. *goes to do that*
I did the same for my physics online assignment... I mean come on, an online assignment? Just begging to be replaced with other 'net activities.

I hope the project went ok.

*edit* i'm not sure if this has posted multiple times because the internet is being screwy and if that's the case i'm sorry

My...hear just skipped a beat. I just so love Axolotl, and missed him so much...<3
I'm glad he is finally back, even though I fear for Em D= (man, and here I was, wanting to ship them together so strongly...I hope nothing bad happens to her DX )
Well, you will get a lot of Axolotl.

(Ohhh, you won't recognize Em by the end of this chapter.)
I'm both scared and intrigued <3
(and yay for a lot of Axolotl!)...*hesitates*....poor Em, I...hope s/he gets some loving, though that is highly improbable... =(
I'm glad. :D

She will get what she needs this chapter, though "loving" is not really a high priority on that list. :)


9 years ago

*Undignified squeaking*
Axolotl...Scary Axolotl. X33

The color is striking and makes for mass awesome.

Thank you! Yes, Axolotl.
Yikes, but that's a pretty ominous chapter title.

::wince:: Y'know, intellectually I know that Axolotl is bad news, but I can't help but find the guy charming. But then he eats an imp or an image like this comes around and all I can do is flail about and scream, "No, dammit, stay away from Em, you bastard! Leave her alone!"

I hope Em makes it out her close-encounter-of-the-Axolotl-kind experience alive and well. :/

In other news, the cover looks great, what with the red and all, and yay for the question-answering chapter!

::goes back to being traumatized by the plethora of mouths in wrong places::
Don't care. Monster fetish still strong. Still in love. ...maybe more so now. Need therapy.