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5ideways's Journal

5ideways Updates
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This is a community created to announce updates for the story 5ideways. 5ideways has eight chapters, and a prologue, and an epilogue.

Chapters Completed
0. Prologue :: Undertow
An undertow is the seaward undercurrent created after waves have broken on the shore.

1. Chapter One :: The Tower
A tower is a tall, slender structure used for observation or signaling.

2. Chapter Two :: Frequency
You know what a frequency is, I'll bet.

3. Chapter Three :: The Anamnesis Method
Anamnesis is the complete history recalled and recounted by a patient. Method is a regular and systemic way of accomplishing something.

4a. Chapter Four :: And None of Us Escaped
This is a statement of fact.

Current Chapter:
Interlude: House of the Black Sun
Nic is owned. Not even Malaysia and penanggalans can let him forget that.

Watch your step.